Atlantic Global Asset Management

Posted: April 19, 2017 in Jana Wang, Passive Income
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Atlantic Global Asset Management

Questra Holding

Dear friends,

I am inviting you to make extra money from my latest business platform.


The Company Questra Holdings exists since 2009!

Questra is active in various investment segments.

These include auctions, real estate trading and the purchase and sale of securities on the stock exchange (IPO).

Company Facts:

Registered and licensed company in Spain

CGS Certificated

since 2009 in the European market

over 150 employee

4% – 6% every week for 365 days

interesting partner program

transparent company

They are offering several Investment Packages. The cheapest is the “Standard Package” for 90Euro!

Standard Package:

cost 90Euro

365 days (payout at the end)

commission 10%

26% per month

312% per year

Profit 280.80 Euro


White Package:

cost 90Euro

365 days (payout every week)

comission 39%

17.30% per month

207.60% per year

Profit 186.84 Euro


Yellow Package:

cost 270Euro

365 days (payout every  week)

comission 36%

18.20% per month

218.40% per year

Profit 589.68 Euro


Green Package:

cost 810Euro

365 days (payout every week)

comission 30%

19.90% per month

238.80% per year

Profit 1934.28 Euro


Blue Package:

cost 2430Euro

365 days (payout every week)

comission 24.00%

21.60% per month

259.20% per year

Profit 6298.56 Euro


Red Package:

cost 7290Euro

365 days (payout every week)

comission 21%

22.50% per month

270.00% per year

Profit 19683.00 Euro


Black Package:

cost 21870Euro

365 days (payout every week)

comission 10%

26.00% per month

312.00% per year

Profit 68234.00 Euro


Interesting partner program is available. For more information pls register for free and check their partner section. How to register in QUESTRA  :

Klik Link :


Call me for non-obligation discussion.

Haji Saat Jais +65 97811070


Questra Holdings supports payments by Bank Transfer, OkPay, PerfectMoney and BitCoins


Registration is absolutely free!


Call me now.

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