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Posted: February 19, 2009 in Testimoni Pelanggan
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Terapi Urut Wanita Kami

Kami mempunyai 2 orang Terapi Urut wanita kusus untuk masalah wanita sahaja,  tersangat didikasi dan profesional. Menyediakan urutan relaksasi, rawatan dan juga untuk sebelum dan selepas bersalin. Perhidmatan hanya ke Rumah Anda sahaja.

Cuba kita lihat Testimoni pelanggan-pelangan Syarikat Kami:-man2

“Wow, my sister told me about the Treat & Cure Traditional Massage. I tried it and love it. Thank you Mdm Ani for your excellent service. Thank you Treat & Cure Traditional Massage. Thank you.” (Mdm Tee – Choa Chu Kang, Singapore)

“I recently received the massage from Treat & Cure Traditional Massage by Mdm Ani and I absolutely LOVE it. Thank you Mdm Ani for your professional touch. Thank you Treat & Cure“. (Juliana – Toa Payoh, Singapore)

“The massage was good and the wrap was effective and can see the tummy slimming down. Thank You Treat & Cure”. (Mdm Salmah – Jurong East, Singapore)

“The massage is excellent. I feel wonderful and ache-free after every session. Would also like to thank Treat & Cure for my request of an emmediate session of  Post Natal Massage”. (Mdm Mah – Bedok North , Singapore)

“Just wanted to say how much I like your massage therapy. I have had no more problems. All gone with your excellent touching. Thank You Imah, Thank you Treat & Cure Traditional Massage”. (Ivon – Sembawang, Singapore)

” I am very happy and pleased with the results. It’s definely worth it and satisfactory, My tummy has reduced very much. The massager is very professional in delivering the service. I will definely recommend Treat & Cure Traditional Massage to my friends”. (Cynthia – Jurong West, Singapore)

” I am very impressed with the result and would definetly recommend your services to my family and friend. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank your therapist. She has proven her skills and professionalism throughout. Mdm Imah is passionate, sincere and friendly. Thank you Treat & Cure Traditional Massage. Thank You”. (Ivy – Hougang, Singapore)

” The Post-Natal Massage was good and relaxing after my long labour. After 7 sessions. I could see significant improvement in the reduction of my tummy area. I would strongly recommend it to my friend. Thank Treat & Cure Traditional Massage” – (Irene – Jalan Kayu, Singapore)

Dengan testimoni-testimoni tersebut, saya berharap kaum-kaum ibu di galakan mencuba urutan tradisional daripada syarikat saya. Belum cuba belum tahu, sudah cuba mahu selalu.

Sesiapa yang berminat dan ingin mencuba boleh hubungi

Puan Mahani Jais (Ani) – 96737594              atau

Puan Rahimah MD Shah (Imah) – 94794004.

Nota: Terapi Urut Wanita untuk wanita dan terapi urut lelaki untuk lelaki.

 Saat Jais - Pakar Urut

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